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March 2015

Michael Ingram, President
Kevin Gilfillan, Vice President
Brandy Bargelt, Secretary

Amanda Cameron, Treasurer

Spring Smoke Signals

Before the hectic pre-Independence Day season consumes us, the officers of the American Pyrotechnics Safety & Education Foundation wanted to provide a short update on its recent activities. 

New Foundation Logo Approved

The Foundation Board recently approved a new logo design for the organization.  This fresh, vibrant, and eye catching design will be incorporated into Foundation correspondence and eventually into its website and social media sites.

Work Continues on Fireworks Safety Initiative

The Foundation Board and Advisory Committee are working closely with former CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum and the Nelson Mullins law firm to craft a detailed overview briefing paper entitled the "Fireworks Safety Initiative" which will serve as the basis for Foundation activities moving forward.  Included are sections on the history of fireworks, science of fireworks, manufacturing of fireworks, the safe use of fireworks by consumers, illegal fireworks, and how to be considerate when using fireworks.

Functional, age appropriate lesson plans for educational outreach are currently being drafted based on this white paper.  Industry expert and professor at Washington College Dr. John Conkling is assisting in this phase and has provided excellent suggestions as to how the various components can be incorporated into various school subjects such as Geography, History, Chemistry, Health & Safety, and Technology/Computers. 

Once the process of developing lessons plans is completed, the Foundation Board and Advisory Committee will work to have them distributed on a state by state basis. 

NGAP Leadership Changes

The APA’s Next Generation APA (NGAP) Committee was the driving force behind the creation of the Foundation and the work of the group has been instrumental to its early fundraising success.  Recently,  an election was held to fill the NGAP leadership vacancies of Michael Ingram and Kevin Gilfillan who have been named Foundation officers.  Under the APA by-laws, Committee Chairs are typically appointed by the association president however, recognizing the importance of the Committee being inclusive to all younger members of the APA, the Board authorized this one-time by-law exception.  NGAP members elected  Lauren Collar, Winco Fireworks and Ron Zoldan, B.J. Alan Company to each serve a 2 year term as Co-Chairs of the Committee.  The NGAP Committee is the Foundation’s most valuable resource and key to its success.  We extend our congratulations to Lauren and Ron, as well as our appreciation to all the candidates who were willing to run.


Support Continues! 

The Foundation continues to receive a high level of support and we are pleased to report that pledges made during the fundraiser held last year in Miami were nearly 100% honored and collected!  Additionally, we wish to thank the Board of Directors of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory for recently pledging its support to the Foundation's educational efforts.

Want to Lend Your Support?

Thank you to all who have already generously provided their financial support to the Foundation.  For those who haven't, we humbly ask you to please consider donating to the Foundation today.  A donation form can be accessed here.  By lending your support, you are demonstrating your commitment to furthering the educational efforts of the industry to discourage misuse of fireworks and ultimately, decrease the number of fireworks related injuries in the U.S.  And remember, your personal or corporate contribution is tax deductible! 


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