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    January 2017

Michael Ingram, President
Kevin Gilfillan, Vice President
Herb Chan, Secretary

Kurt Cowgill, Treasurer

We're pleased to provide an update on recent and upcoming efforts of the Foundation, activities made possible through the generous donations of our supporters. 

Foundation Fun in NOLA

At last fall's APA Convention in New Orleans, the association's NGAP committee sponsored two fundraising events to benefit the Foundation. On Wednesday evening of convention week, a bowling-for-dollars event combined competition and camaraderie -- all to benefit the educational programs of the APSEF. During Friday's closing event, a charity auction raised additional funds.  Kudos to the entire NGAP committee as well as to all those who generously offered auction items. Also, a huge THANK YOU is extended to all those who bid on prizes and who have donated to the Foundation in 2016. With your generosity, nearly $50,000 was raised over the course of just a few days. 

Foundation Partners with Public Health Educators 

The Foundation recently joined forces with health educators around the country by becoming an affiliate member of The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE).  SOPHE is a nonprofit, international professional association with a diverse membership of health education professionals and students.The organization promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments through its membership, its network of local chapters, and its numerous partnerships with
other organizations. The Foundation plans to promote its educational curriculum and safety resources with health educators by exhibiting at the SOPHE annual meeting this spring. Additionally, thru this membership, the Foundation will have a year round presence on SOPHE's website, be featured in SOPHE webinars, and have the opportunity to place articles on fireworks safety & education in the organization's publications and blogs.

Former CPSC Chair Tenenbaum Continues Foundation Work

The former Chair of the CPSC Inez Tenenbaum will continue to assist the Foundation in getting its fireworks safety and education message distributed across the country. Among other activities, Ms.Tenenbaum has recently authored an article about Foundation activities in a newsletter of the Council of Chief State School Offices. Additionally, she will attend the conventions of the National State Fire Marshals and SOPHE to present the Celebrate Safely curriculum. Ms. Tenenbaum will also work toward informing CPSC officials about the Foundation's resources and efforts to promote fireworks safety through

Board Changes  

We're pleased to announce that Herb Chan, United Pyrotechnics and Kurt Cowgill, North Central Industries were elected to serve respectively as Foundation Secretary and Treasurer. They join Foundation President Michael Ingram, Fireworks Over America and Vice President, Kevin Gilfillan, Pyro Spectaculars who will remain in their positions for another year.

We also welcome new Board members Vince Bellino, Bellino Fireworks, Lauren Collar, Winco Fireworks, Justin Thomas, J&M Displays, and Jason Trout, TNT Fireworks. A complete listing of the Foundation Board may be found here.

Foundation Website -

Remember, a host of downloadable educational & safety resources are available free of charge thru the Foundation's website. Be sure to feature a link to on your company's website so that your customers and the general public can easily learn more about fireworks and celebrating safely.  

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