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    November 2020

Ron Zoldan, President
Lauren Collar, Vice President
Herb Chan, Secretary

Kurt Cowgill, Treasurer

Please take a few minutes to read this update on the recent and upcoming efforts of the APA's Safety & Education Foundation, activities made possible through the generous donations of our supporters

  Thank You Whitman Publishing!


We wish to publicly acknowledge and thank Whitman Publishing for their generous donation of over $33,000 to support the Foundation's programs. This donation was made possible through proceeds realized from sales of the book BOOM!  by Dr. John Conkling; a chronologic history of
the U.S. fireworks industry.

Giving Tuesday Now Campaign Raises Over 10K

In early May, the Foundation participated in the "Giving Tuesday Now" campaign aimed to boost donations to non-profits impacted by COVID-19. A Facebook fundraiser was launched,  and TNT Fireworks graciously offered a generous dollar-for-dollar match of all contributions.  We are pleased to report that over $10,000 was raised, and we thank all those who lent their support, with special recognition to Ryder, Rosacker, McCue & Huston Insurance Company for their generous $2,500 donation. 


New Foundation Officers Appointed 

The APA Board of Directors recently approved the appointment of the 2020-21 Foundation Executive Officers. We are pleased to announce that Ron Zoldan, Phantom Fireworks, has been named President, with Lauren Collar, Winco Fireworks, appointed as Vice President. Herb Chan, United Pyrotechnics, will continue as Secretary and Kurt Cowgill, North Central Industries, will remain as Foundation Treasurer. 

Foundation Needs Your Support

As the fireworks' industry's only organization dedicated solely to educating youth and the public about fireworks and their safe use, the APA's educational non-profit has been successful in establishing a sound foundation for future activities including: 

--  Developing & distributing age appropriate curriculum and resources to teach young people more about consumer and display fireworks.
--  Producing a series of educational videos featuring Professor Sparkz.
--  Establishing ties with the CPSC and having it embrace the #CelebrateSafely hashtag.
--  Cultivating partnerships with educational organizations & enforcement officials,

The Foundation has acted prudently during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce expenses where it can, including temporarily suspending work from its key advocate, former CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum.  However, despite the organization's lean administrative expenses, there are certain ongoing costs such as website hosting, accounting, state charity registrations, and more, that can't be eliminated.

Even with COVID-19 challenges, this year was a record breaking one for sales of consumer fireworks. With increased use of backyard fireworks, it is imperative that the industry continue its strong message of safe & responsible use.

Please consider making a contribution to the Foundation before the end of 2020 -- donations are tax deductible. You can access an on-line form here or download the attached form and return it to [email protected].

Special shout out THANKS to North Central Industries for its recent, post-season donation! 

Donating to the Foundation is a way to demonstrate your company's dedication to safety and, at the same time, broaden the general public's appreciation and understanding of fireworks. 

Resources to Assist At Home Schooling

The Foundation has produced educational curriculum kits, which companies may wish to share with their customers who have been tasked with homeschooling their children. These teacher and student guides include sections on the History, Science, and Engineering of fireworks, as well as lessons on safe use and how to steer clear of illegal explosives. There are lessons geared to grades 4-8 and grades 9-12.

While these resources are not meant to replace local educational requirements during COVID-19 school closures, they can serve as a nice break or even a fun rainy day activity.

The curriculum kits are free and can be down
loaded from the Foundation website or by clicking here

For younger children, try these fireworks themed sheets, which help them develop hand eye coordination and creativity.


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